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BOOK US: Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Book us to perform the Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony for a party, gathering celebration or an educational class!!!

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a traditional and elaborate ritual that symbolizes hospitality, friendship, and community bonding. It typically takes place in the presence of guests and is led by a woman referred to as the "bunna tetu" or coffee lady. The ceremony involves several steps, beginning with the roasting of green coffee beans over an open flame. The aromatic smoke fills the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Once the beans are roasted, they are ground using a mortar and pestle, and the coffee grounds are then brewed in a clay coffee pot called a "jebena." The brewed coffee is served in small cups called "cini," accompanied by traditional snacks such as popcorn or roasted barley. The process is slow and deliberate, allowing participants to engage in conversation and enjoy the rich flavors of the coffee. The ceremony holds deep cultural significance, representing friendship, respect, and the importance of community connections in Ethiopian society.

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